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Aha m efula™ is an organization borne out of a desire to sustain and enrich the legacy of the Igbo culture and way of life for the younger generation.

The work we have done thus far and the data we see in engagement suggests to us that ‘reconnection’ and learning are two key drivers for our products. Young and elderly parents connect with folklore content and in turn find the learning content a great source of interaction for their children and grandchildren, or relatives.

The journey has now evolved to a phase where we are actively pursuing the expansion and depth of our digital content to showcase digitally transformed stories of our histories, stories, wisdoms (ilu), different Igbo dialects, religions and more

Our Vision

How would you feel the day your child has a cultural day at School, connects to YouTube and plays a short children’s animation of Kpa-kpa-ngolo? Where all their school mates form one big, happy circle holding hands and dancing to our own equivalent of Ring around the roses? This is one snippet of our realized vision so far.

Do you recall ever being taught A-b-ch-d in Igbo, how memorable was the experience? Do you really know A-b-ch-d to Z in Igbo? On Mother’s day when you call your beloved mom to sing that soul-stopping song of Nne, nne o, nne, what if you could send them a visual animation which emotively gives her a connection to how much you appreciate her…make her laugh with greater memories? What about less popular and challenging topics? Do you know what the color ‘silver’ is in Asusu Igbo? You can now enjoy all of these rich content through the Aha-m-efula™ YouTube Channel!

Our vision transcends the animations, apps or digital platforms…because the goal is to forge out of our products a platform for true identification with the Asusu Igbo, ndu Ndigbo and more! In a way that sometime in the future, translation from the Igbo Language to another global language will be as seamless as connecting to Google Translate and having a speech-to-speech translation!

In light of our fundamental vision for the different aspects of the Igbo way of life,  our focus spans our culture, heritage, religion, education and food at Aha-m-efula™.

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7 Bell Yard, WC2A 2JR, London, United Kingdom

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