Otu Mmụta

Otu Mmụta is here!

Delivering specially curated learning experiences of the Igbo Language and you want to read below why you would want to join the first customers around the world to experience Otu Mmụta! A small token payment is required for participation. Thanks for your continuing support! Use your Visa, Mastercard or Debit card to complete registration via one of the payment options below.

Why it will benefit you to join us!

Over 200 words and 70 sentences will be explored.
Letters of the Igbo alphabet, various greetings and tenses will be taught.
Special attention to be paid to fun pronunciation.

Start DateSaturday, Sept. 17, 2022
Time3PM (London Time, GMT+1), 10AM (Eastern Time, GMT-5)
Duration4 weeks (Sept. 24, Oct. 01 and Oct. 08)
End DateSaturday, Oct. 08, 2022

We have spent the past 42 months developing a new product our community and customers across the globe needs. A highly engaging, interactive and enriching learning experience that at its core serves Ndi b’anyi and all who wish to learn to speak fluently, the Igbo Language and understand its cultural nuances.