The Journey so far….#Rosary n’Igbo on Playstore

As our goal encompasses continuity of as much facets of our culture, language, history and more, we have ensured to not forget the facets of religion. Since launching our Rosary n’Igbo app–the first on the Android Playstore and Apple’s Appstore, it excites us to see how our audience, Ndi’Igbo are engaging.

In the chart below we share the Android Playstore downloads by Country, to show that beyond widespread assumptions about internet network limitations, Ndi b’anyi across Nigeria clearly want to have modern aids that enable the preservation of our language, through the prayer of the Rosary in Igbo. Nonetheless, it is fascinating that this yearning holds strong far away from home, in the commuter-country of the U.S, and the U.K.

Stay tuned for more analysis and updates as we repopulate our new website!

Rosary n'Igbo Android analytics